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You can extensively test and buy the products in the local shop and get a lot of information about the medicinal plant that has been used for millennia. If you like the products, you can get them back in Germany via our own aloe online shop .

Christoffel Park

The Curacao National Park. The park is open until 4pm! Different tours are offered at different prices!

Dolphin Swim

Swim with dolphins in the sea! Is not that a dream? Unfortunately, this experience is not cheap, but it is certainly absolutely unique. For this you should allow at least 1 hour extra when visiting the Sea Aquarium. Cost: USD 220.00 per person

Extra hour

You are welcome to extend the tour by up to 4 hours! Cost: USD 45.00 per hour

Flamingo Area (Willibrordus)

Flamingos in their most natural environment. Don't forget cameras!

Guided dive

You should calculate a 3 hour stay for a guided dive. The arrival and departure is more or less omitted, since a dive is only possible with the tours "Beach" and "Individual". You should inquire about all other types of dives or even courses individually and well described. We would be happy to collect the information you need. At our partner "Relaxed Guided Dives" we can offer you a "special". Since the last dive here is at 2:00 p.m. we can use the full 5 hours (from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.) for the tour, drop off at Relaxed Guided Dives at 2:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. and bring them to their accommodation or their ship! No accompaniment on our part is necessary here, since the operators of Relaxed Guided Dives speak perfect German. If you feel that it is too much in terms of fitness to do a guided dive after a 5-hour island tour, we can also "share" the tour. In this case we drop them off at Relaxed Guided Dives after a 2.5 hour tour at 11:30 a.m., pick them up again at 2:30 p.m. and continue our tour for another 2.5 hours. Cost: USD 90.00 per person

Handelskade (Punda)

Those who have not yet lost their shopping appetite for the Renaissance Shopping Mall and the Riffort will definitely get their money's worth here. Many smaller and larger shops invite you to shop within a car-free "pedestrian zone". The various restaurants right at the entrance to the harbor naturally offer a sensational view of incoming cruise ships, as well as smaller yachts and super tankers. The floating markets and the legendary "Market hall" follow immediately afterwards!

Hato caves

As the name suggests, the Hato Caves are located in the north of the island in the immediate vicinity of Hato Airport. Anyone who has ever seen a stalactite cave from the inside (who was not dragged by the parents through at least one of them in the 70s or 80s? :-)) can certainly get an idea of what awaits them here. For this tour stop you should calculate an hour's stay and 45 minutes for the arrival and departure, as there is hardly any other tour destination in the immediate vicinity. The English language tours start every hour and last 45 minutes. The caves are over 300,000 years old. The slaves had fled here to escape the terrible plantation work and the chastisement of their "masters". Cost: USD 9.00 per person

Liqueur factory (Landhouse Chobolobo)

I remember my own teenage years when I was very familiar with the "Blue Curacao" liqueur in my father's bar (a passionate hobby cocktail mixer) and of course in numerous cocktails without knowing where or what Curacao was ! It is of course not only available in the world-famous blue version, but also in red, green, yellow, orange or with a coffee taste.

Netto Bar

"The" bar on Curacao. In 1954 Ernesto "Netto" Koster's opened this bar. The nobles from the Netherlands also frequent here, which is not only demonstrated by the numerous photos on the walls. The in-house green rum ("Rom Berde") also invites you to a second or third glass with its pleasant sweet taste. If you have any plans for the next day, you should be careful!

Papagayo Beach Resort

This very modern resort is located right next to the Jan Thiel beach. The ultra-comfortable beach loungers with centimeter-thick mattresses are outstanding here. A bottle of water is included in the price. However, you shouldn't expect too much from the beach itself. For this there is a perfectly acceptable and artificially created salt water pool about 100 meters wide! Cost: USD 11.00 per person

Riffort (Otrobanda)

Many restaurants and shops directly after the Renaissance Shopping Mall. Completely without prejudice, I recommend our ladies to allow for a some more generous period. :-)

Floating markets (Punda)

If you have chosen the Handelskade in Punda as a tour stop, there is of course no way around the floating markets. Venezuelan boatmen offer their freshly harvested goods here, especially in the morning. In a good 15 - 20 minutes you can walk through comfortably. Attention!!! Unfortunately, the floating markets were closed for over a year due to political unrest in Venezuela! However, operations have resumed since the end of November 2018!

Sea Aquarium

Discover the wildlife of the Caribbean. Many shows (dolphins, sharks, sea lions and much more) and interesting background knowledge await you. You should calculate a minimum stay of 2 hours and 45 minutes for the arrival and departure. Cost: USD 22.00 per adult, USD 11.00 per child

Serenas Art Factory

The artist Serena Israel forms and creates the so-called "Big Mamas" (Chichi), a very unusual figure, which depicts the local image of women somewhat grotesquely. From fridge magnets to man-sized garden sculptures, you can get almost any size of these unique works of art here. Since the property is exactly between the Aloe farm and the ostrich farm, this should be the third tour stop in the east of the island.

Shete Boka National Park

The second nature park, next to Christoffel Park, in the far northwest of the island. Here you will also find the famous Pistol Bay (also called "Boka Pistol") as well as many other natural bays on the rough north side of Curacao. Cost: USD 10.00 per person

Ostrich farm

Unfortunately, the name does not suggest that many other animals can be admired here. Due to the close proximity to the Aloe farm (travel time 5 minutes) you should definitely combine these two tour destinations. It is also possible to book a 45-minute tour on a cart.

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